Anyone, even a college student, can slap some paint on a wall. But, your walls know the difference, and you’ll see the difference when you walls and home are caressed and pampered by a quality painting service. The Design Company Painting service is more than a mere painting service; we are home and wall care specialists.

For more than 20 years, we have earned the respect and gratitude of residential customers throughout Santa Monica and the West LA area. We offer quality interior and exterior painting services, matching our passion for painting with experience and quality painting services at affordable prices.

santa monica painting

We believe your home deserves the best. That’s why we provide free estimates, prompt response and turnaround and expert color consultations before we apply the first brush to your walls. Certified painters with years of experience give your ceilings and walls the best in painting services – satisfaction guaranteed.

Our painting services come with years of experience. Please talk to our references and take advantage of our expert color consultations and free estimates. All The Design Company customers benefit from our prompt response and quick turnaround time. We always leave the job cleaner than we found it! Our Commercial Painting Division also provides quality painting services for business owners.