Industrial Painting Services

Industrial Painting Services

You thought those walls looked high before your considered painting the warehouse, manufacturing or industrial plant, right? And what about the ceiling? Not to worry, The Design Company Commercial Painting Services takes Chicagoland’s highest walls in stride. Not only are we experts at painting walls, floors and ceilings, we have the expertise to clean your walls, floors and ceilings so the coatings you choose will stick fast and be durable.

Are you looking to add some directional painting on the walls or floors? The Design Company Commercial Painting Services will keep traffic flowing and production growing with prompt response and turnaround. We know how frustrating it is to have employees standing idle while they wait for the paint to dry. Time is money so we cut down on the time to save you money.

industrial painting services

The Design Company Commercial Painting Services will apply quality coatings of quality paints to an almost endless list of surfaces. Cinder block, steel, aluminum, wood, concrete and more – The Design Company Commercial Painting Services has a coating and color to meet your needs.

The Design Company Painting Commercial Painting Services knows that a great paint job starts with proper preparation. We know how to prepare surfaces for paint, whether the job requires pressure washing or just a little elbow grease.

Painting is not a one-surface-fits-all proposition. We know how to paint all surfaces. From cinder block and concrete to steel and wood, our expert painters will apply a proper coating of the appropriate paints to your surfaces.

We offer prompt response and prompt turnaround because we know that time is money. The Design Company Commercial Painting Services has West LA covered – from Santa Monica to Culver City – we’ll get in fast, do the job right, and leave the jobsite clean as a whistle.